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The first information you should know when looking for a new bathroom vanity is the space available. This is very important, as you want your bathroom to look neat with everything in place. After you know the space, you should consider what shape, size, and color or finish you want your vanity to be. Lastly, it is time to find what features you want. One of the most popular types of bathroom vanity features is storage doors. The reason for this is because vanities with doors make it easy to access your storage. A high-quality vanity cabinet with doors can help change the look from modern to traditional, or vice versa, depending on the door design. Do you want the vanity to have a countertop, and undermount sinks? Do you want the vanity to have vessel sinks? Or do you want it with recessed sinks? It all depends on the look that you want to give to your bathroom, as bathroom vanities are certainly the focal point in any bathroom. We offer a wide range of styles from modern to contemporary, making it easy for you to choose a vanity that will match any style you have in mind. We also offer options such as wall mounted or floor standing vanities, single or double sink vanities, mirror or medicine cabinet vanities. These options allow you to customize your bathroom vanity to meet your exact preference. 

Single Sink bathroom vanities are ideal for small bathrooms. A small bathroom does not mean that you have to waive elegance and style. You can find a single sink vanity for your small bathroom, which will help pull together your design. Small bathroom vanities can be purchased with or without mirrors cabinet set. It is important to measure your space before purchasing a small bath vanity to make sure it is just the right fit.

In the other hand, double sink bathroom vanities are perfect for master bathrooms. Sharing the bathroom in the morning can be difficult with only one sink. If you share the bathroom in the morning, then a double vanity will give you all space you need. A double sink bathroom vanity is not only good to share with your family, or the person you are living with, but it also gives an appealing touch to your bathroom with its space – looks like everything is in place here! Double vanities are the perfect solution for larger bathrooms and look elegant with sinks next to one another. See our bathroom vanities collections below:

CV Bath Collection | DP Bath Collection | Ideavit


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