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 Wastebaskets / Trash cans

Many rooms need a wastebasket: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, or even the office. To determine what type of basket is right for you, consider how much garbage you’ll be placing into your wastebasket daily, as well as appealing preferences, materials and features. We offer a large line of luxury, designer waste baskets and step cans in many different shapes and finishes. These finishes include: polished chrome bathroom waste basketspolished gold waste binswhite waste baskets. We also a lot of different shapes so that you can select the best option and style you are looking for. We offer round bathroom trash cans, square bathroom trash bins, stainless steel step can waste baskets, swing cover trash can, crystal glass bathroom waste baskets, brass bathroom waste bins, corner wastebaskets, and chrome bathroom waste baskets with a lid/cover, and wastebaskets without lid as well. Buying a bathroom waste basket will keep your room looking clean and tidy.  Feel free to browse our collections below:

DWBA Bath Collection Wastebasket | LB Bath Collection Wastebasket | W-Luxury Bath Collection | BA Bath Collection Wastebasket


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