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Vinyl Turntable 24 in. Bath Vanity, Integrated Sink, Faucet, Speaker and Mirror
Milano Bath Collection
$ 5,200.00
Vinyl Turntable 48 in. Bath Vanity with Double Sink, Faucet, Speaker and Mirror
Milano Bath Collection
$ 6,590.00
Vinyl Turntable Wall Mounted Frameless LED Mirror for Bathroom Vanity Bedroom
Milano Bath Collection
from $ 702.00
Vinyl Turntable Tonearm Double Knob Handle Bathroom Lavatory Faucet
Milano Bath Collection
from $ 1,380.60

Vinyl Turntable - Olympia Ceramica

Shop the Vinyl Turntable Vanities Collection, exclusively at! Futuristic but at the same time romantic and nostalgic, simply put in one word: unique.We present Vinyl, the latest creation by Gianluca Paludi.

Watching it, you will have before you an authentic musical console from the 80s: the sink recalls the DJ dish on which sits a fun vinyl, the mixer tap resembles the arm that plays the music of the turntable and this creates an entirely unique style. The two buttons for volume control, become the regulators for the flow of hot and cold water. The furniture is complemented by the storage drawer that contain a music amplifier connected by Bluetooth, the small holes in the front allow the sound of the speakers to come through.

The metal structure, which is available in different colors, contains a tempered glass shelf, a towel rack and a comfortable leather bag to hold the different accessories. The LED mirror contains lights in both the upper and lower part, reproducing the image of a music equalizer.

Vinyl: for the nostalgic, lovers of legendary years and memories or who want to run towards the future with an eye on the traditional, the rhythm and fun of the happiest decade ever.