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DWBA Round Free Standing Toilet Brush Bowl Holder Cleaner Set, Solid Brass
DWBA Bath Collection
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Toilet Brush Bowl Holder Set

If you are looking for a designer, decorative, and high-end toilet brush holder set, you happen to be at the right place. You will want to show off your toilet brush holder in your guest bathroom or master bathroom once that you see the quality and amazing designs we offer. It’s good to have a specialty toilet brush on hand to tackle that dirty work to clean toilets. However, that does not mean they cannot serve a design purpose as well. While a toilet brush holder may not seem like that big of a deal hiding in the corner, you’d be surprised at how quickly little accessories like this can make, or break your bathroom look decorated. That's why we offer a line of chrome toilet brushes, gold toilet brushes, stainless steel toilet brush holders, brass toilet brush, white porcelain toilet brushes, ceramic toilet brush holder, glass toilet brushes, and toilet brushes with Swarovski Crystals: so that you are not shy to put it out on the bathroom floor. If you have a small guest bathroom and do not have space for a floor standing toilet bowl brush, you are lucky to be at our online store. We also offer wall mounted toilet brush holders that you can hang from your wall. Here at AGM Home Store you can find the perfect toilet brush holder and cleaner brush that matches your bathroom’s color scheme and style. Check out our collection of toilet brushes and matching toilet brush holders right here on AGM Home Store:

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