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Laundry Hampers and Baskets

When choosing a laundry hamper you will have to consider the balance between aesthetics, and functionality. This is because laundry baskets not only help store loads of clothes, but also complements your own personal style. At AGM Home Store, you have plenty of choices of hampers – all imported from Europe. We offer simple hamper, helpful laundry sorter, laundry baskets with swing cover, laundry hampers with lid cover, wicker rattan laundry baskets, rolling laundry carts so that you do not have to carry the hamper and the clothes again, and Laundry hampers and stool bench baskets. Everything available in different finishes and materials; from polished chrome to polished gold hampers, white or black laundry baskets, brass laundry hampers, stainless steel laundry baskets, and easily transport hampers with synthetic leather material. Here, you can find the laundry basket you have been looking for. See our collections below:

DWBA Bath Collection Hampers | LB Bath Collection Baskets


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