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 Bath mats are a significant part of bathroom decoration, offering style and an additional touch of elegance to your bathroom. A bathroom without a bath mat/ rug, makes it feel incomplete. When looking for a bath mat, quality is as important as style, and you’ll naturally want a bath mat that not only looks good and is absorbent, but also feels comfortable beneath your feet. Find a mat that is proportionate to the tub and vanity; this way everything looks in place and proportional. If you have a double vanity, you can choose separate rugs for each sink, or one long rug for a seamless look. Measure the space available for your mat so that you can purchase the best fit. In a small bath, be sure to allow room for the door to open without hitting your bath rug. Lastly, durability is a high priority. At AGM Home Store, you will find high quality European bath mats that will offer an extra touch to your bathroom.  We offer 100% cotton bath mats, double sided rugs, and most importantly washable bathroom mats – which are machine washable.

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