Ultra Lux bath design embraced by nature

It’s all about changing your mind-set. If you want to experience a touch of nature in your home and live like a modern nomad with benefits, meet the design that blurs and erases borders between exterior and interior.

Contemporary bathrooms live an unconventional life. A design locked in four walls is no longer enough. Sense of freedom, sky, wind, sun on your skin... we want it all!

Design loves nature. Luxury bathrooms have evolved into an imaginative space that knows no boundaries. Bring the outside inside (with a few tricks) and let them be forever together.

Inspired by natural colours and textures with a strong personal stamp

Did you have doubts about the floors and walls made of stone or concrete? At first glance, they seem so rough and cold, but still unbelievably beautiful. With the right combination of details and materials, we believe that your bathroom may look amazing, trendy, and natural at the same time.

Concrete is perfect for eclectic style, its neutral character allows you to play with the details a bit. Ornate vanity mirror and a copper bathtub are a perfect blend. Rustic and modern elements, unique vanity...it’s all allowed.

Use marble or travertine for a more classic look. Put the crystal chandelier in the middle of the room. Embrace the bathroom with glass on one side and let the sun in to make elegant shadows...


Wabi Sabi philosophy in the bathroom

Eclectic minimalist bathrooms inspired by wabi-sabi philosophy love natural colours, modest details, and simplicity.

Highly textured, natural elements like scratched wood or stone are perfectly imperfect. Embrace imperfection, don’t ignore it...in fact, you should showcase them. A stress-free lifestyle is all about relaxation and accepting things as they are. Being connected to the Earth is very important for wabi-sabi design.

The beauty of imperfection is in things that age gracefully like an old copper bathtub with an organic patina.

For wabi-sabi bathroom design choose sustainable materials (reclaimed wood, bamboo, stone…), plants, natural light, soft and bright colors...and don’t forget to keep it simple! Don’t clutter the space.


Project “A La Fresca” : Step out into the Fresh Air

In 2020, Spanish studio MUT Design  has created a project inspired by the nature and lifestyle of their hometown Valencia. The founders, Alberto Sanchez and Eduardo Villalon, bring the Mediterranean philosophy and “life on the patio”, natural light from the sun, soft colors, and gentle shapes.

Das Haus at IMM COLOGNE 2020 is a visionary living concept - architectural design is entirely open to its surroundings. Natural light is refracted in the most interesting ways, it’s designed to stream freely through the open areas. In the sunset, it seems as if you are observing the colourful glass of a kaleidoscope. Looks almost incredible.

In The Haus, MUT Design has turned the structure around. We have a central area which is space for retreat and four verandas that blend in with the surrounding space, patio connecting rooms with the outdoor. This space provides an opportunity to sit down and relax with family and neighbours and to enjoy fresh breeze and conversation. Modern and minimalistic, contemporary design was splashed with rustic elements. It’s a cozy but still very simple design. This hybrid space is an extreme idea of living on the border between outside and inside.


Design that loves NATURE

Green is a great solution for bathrooms. The best way to bring some greenery into your spa oasis is by planting. It’s on you to choose whether you wish for a plant wall or a few pots of greenery. 

Living walls bring a fresh feel to urban spaces and will give you an outdoor shower experience. The new trend is living moss walls, easy to maintain and looking phenomenal.

Tip plus: choose plants that you can use later in spa products ( scrubs, facial masks…) like rose, calendula, or lavender…

Green tiles are also IN.

The tiles are making a huge comeback. Mat or glossy emerald tiles, grass pattern tiles, dark green penny tiles, or art-deco green, you can’t go wrong. Feel free to play and make a mosaic. You can even play with the colors for the ceramic tiles. Ps. Green loves gold and black, try if you dare… 

Pick the natural colors for walls like soft, terracotta, white, colour of the sand, or gray like a stone.

Every great bathroom is filled with natural light. Find a way to let it into your spa oasis. Design your bathroom so that one whole wall is made of glass. If you are in the attic, remove the ceiling and install a large skylight. Take a shower bathed in the morning sun. Perfect. 

Put the mirror, a designer's best friend in your bathroom. Wisely choose a place. Think carefully about which corner it will show in its reflection (sky, plants, some pictures on the wall…).

Include details from nature: Philodendron leaf in a small crystal vase, (un) polished stone has a strong zen vibe, big scented candles (pine, lemon, rose...scent)...



Baths in relationship with nature and environment

An excellent example of erasing borders is this Antonio Lupi luxury bathroom solution. The first association is zen. Space is woven of good energy, it’s modern and sophisticated. Pure bliss! Although the bathroom is not large it seems to extend to infinity. It’s a cocoon where the body is free to float in space and relax completely.

Blue freestanding vessel and crystal clear glass which gives a magnificent view of the sea is a true match. There seems to be no limit,  like it has been deleted. View of the water is always a perfect screen for the bathroom. Soak away your stress in hot water staring into the distance.


Modern bathroom design inspired by sustainability and ethical design 

Did you know that toilets and faucets can save thousands of gallons of water every year? Not to mention electricity. Eco bathrooms contain water-saving features and of course energy-saving features, so pick low-flow shower heads, energy-efficient water heaters and switch all lights on low-energy bulbs (fluorescent and LED lights). Maximize natural resources, for example, natural light is free, install large windows or a glass door.

Be conscientious, reduce plastic, go for refill options, use recycled material in your bathrooms such as metal, porcelain, and recycled glass, tiles made of bamboo, eco-friendly concrete, reclaimed wood, cork, or vegetable ivory...

A mix of contemporary design and ecological approach is what our bathroom needs. Be modern with floating vanities made of plywood, bamboo, or recycled glass, combine nice and useful. Let your bathroom design be in line with the eco-friendly philosophy.


Meet sophisticated Flintstones

Natural stone is IN, it’s a fact.

It seems like we are going backwards. New trends adore stone and rough rugged textures.

Rock is raw and has strong masculine energy.

Natural stone is a sustainable, eco-friendly product that does not contain any harmful substance, and can be recycled which is great. The first association with stone is an ordinary grey stone wall, right? But there are actually so many types of stone. For a nice and sleek look pick marble or travertine, or granite, translucent onyx, rustic slate…

A stone bathtub is a great solution if you want to incorporate this material into your bathroom. It's contemporary and retro at the same time, depending on the ambience, like a chameleon.


“Open space” bathrooms

Bedroom and bathroom All-in-One is the hottest trend in the last few seasons. It's an unconventional, bold lifestyle,  a story about the gentle collision of two worlds, two private spaces, that will result in perfect harmony. Usually, the element which separates a bedroom from an en-suite bathroom is a glass wall.

The open bathroom-bedroom concept gives a lot of possibilities and brings spa features right into the bedroom. You may talk to your husband while he is resting on the bed, or watching TV. But if you are shy, you could feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry. you can set a frosted space divider (or stone divider for those extra shy). In this way, you will not close the space, it’s still open.

Clean and minimalist “less is more” decor is trendy, it has a futuristic vibe, and looks sophisticated. Consider using solid materials. Excellent properties and impeccable appearance make this material perfect for contemporary bathrooms. 

Do you crave for even more freedom?

If you want to have a really cool bathroom with a mesmerizing view of nature then open the space completely. We are no longer talking about two in one, but about four, five in one …

Open everything.

Rooms breathe together, good energy flowing through the open space. Imagine a bubble bath while you watch the movie on a big screen. Open the balcony door and let the sun in…

Choose a neutral shade that will dominate the space.

Make the furniture functional and unobtrusive.

Don't like shower curtains? Make concrete planters around the tub and plant bamboo.

A gorgeous floor mirror in a vintage frame and oversized plants all around...

Open the space, and allow nature to peek into your bathroom …

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