Top Designer Bathroom Accessories Picked up on Black Friday

Top Designer Bathroom Accessories Picked up on Black Friday 

As one of the most important rooms in the house, our bathroom should never be ignored when it comes to interior design. If you want it to reflect your personality and show off your refined taste, it’s important to pick accessories that look sleek, polished, and entirely luxurious. Ready to make your bathroom into an oasis of style and comfort? Then here are some of the best things interior designers picked up during all those Black Friday sales.



Gorgeous Swarovski towel hooks

Who knew something as simple as a towel hook could bring so much glamour to the bathroom? Whether it’s double-ended or single-ended, these hooks aren’t overly fussy in design, so the result you get looks very natural, yet completely luxurious. Made from chrome and decorated with small Swarovski crystals, you can pick any kind of color that will fit your bathroom and add that much-needed touch of elegance that won’t go unnoticed. Of course, you can use the hooks to hang up your fluffy bathrobes as well, just install them a little higher on the walls than you normally would.

Swarovski towel hooks | AGM Home Store

Vintage brass towel racks

If polished chrome doesn’t fit the vibe of your bathroom, why not go for vintage-looking brass? A stretched towel rack with flawless, elegant design will look really chic, and yet remain entirely practical. If you pair this with other brass elements such as soap holders and shower handles, and maybe add a few flower vases for more decoration, you can really turn your bathroom into a little zen retreat.

Vintage brass towel racks | AGM Home Store



Minimalist chrome soap holder

Most bathrooms can thrive when designed in a minimalist way, so if you don’t like too many flashy details and simply want a clean, neat look, go for mounted soap dish holders made of polished chrome. This high-quality material will ensure effortless style and easy cleaning, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time on maintenance. Once you have the soap holder, you can pair it with simple towel racks that are also made of chrome. This will bring a nice sense of cohesion to everything.

 Chrome soap holder | AGM Home Store


Modern telescopic shower system

There’s nothing quite like a hot shower after a long day at work, and if you grab the right showerhead you’ll have a completely relaxing experience each time you pop into the bathroom for a wash. Find a telescopic shower system that has both a showerhead and a handheld part, and you’ll get to enjoy your bath time in any way you want. Go for stainless steel which is durable and easy to clean, and pair this design with a nice little shower caddy to hold all your cosmetic products within easy reach. With a little shower stool, a stainless steel trash can, and a few towel hooks, you’ll complete the design and make the whole bathroom look put-together.

 Modern telescopic shower system | AGM Home Store

 Since we spend a lot of our time in the bathroom, it only makes sense to design everything so it’s visually pleasing and relaxing. With these elegant designer accessories, you’ll really bring in the luxury and the glamour, and make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

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