How to Use Bathroom Décor to Impress Your Friends

If you’re someone who loves hosting parties and have a well-developed social life, then beautiful home décor is probably one of your priorities. Having the opportunity to show something beautiful to your friends and knowing they’ll always feel comfortable when they come to your place is important to every good host, and bathroom design is usually one of the rooms where we’re a little stumped for ideas. Although it’s one of the most frequently visited rooms in the house, it sometimes gets overlooked in favor of the living room and guest bedrooms, but having a cozy bathroom is actually a crucial aspect of an inviting home.

Are you having a little get-together soon and want to give your bathroom a quick but stunning makeover? Then take a look at some of our ideas and get creative!

Start with towels

There’s nothing as impressive as luxuriously soft, fragrant towels that feel like heaven against your hands. Your guests are bound to spend time just feeling them and wondering how you got them to be so soft in the first place, and don’t be surprised if they approach you and ask to figure out your secret. In truth, the secret is very simple—get high-quality towels, and use a little vinegar and baking soda, but less detergent during the wash cycle. These, and a few other tips will help you keep them fluffy and as soft as the first day you’ve bought them. The towels can be matched to the rest of the décor or, if the room is monochromatic, used to add a pop of color here and there.

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Have all the necessities close by

Good décor always implies practicality, and if you’re decorating a guest bathroom you’ll want to include necessities such as shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, hand cream, and other small toiletries. We all forget things like toothbrushes when we travel and stay over at a friend’s house, so if you want your guests to be comfortable, provide them with the basics. Having a lot of colorful bottles arranged on the counter also serves to add visual interest.

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Brighten it up with plants

A bathroom is supposed to be a relaxing place, an oasis of peace. To make it brighter and more appealing, adding a potted plant or two will give it a lovely organic, natural vibe and generally make the air fresher and more pleasant. Make sure to only do this if there’s a window in your bathroom because greenery needs natural light to thrive.

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Artsy soap

There’s no need to keep only one bland bar of soap on the sink. You can up your game by choosing luxurious soap holders, but you can also add something quirky—a wood-like soap dispenser in the shape of a doll or maybe something thematic. Another great idea is to add custom soap. If you’re crafty and want to have something unique, place a bowl with DIY gemstone soaps for your guests to admire.

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Add fragrance

Nicely-scented bathrooms simply feel ten times more pleasant to be in, and it’s not difficult to add a nice fragrance to the room. Scented candles are always a good option because they can also serve as decoration, but you can also leave an incense set and light it just before your guests arrive. Bear in mind to keep it all subtle because strong fragrance could cause a headache in smaller bathrooms. Avoid sprays or artificial air fresheners because they are usually very toxic and dangerous for health, and stick to more natural ways to vanquish bad smells. A reed diffuser is another good idea for a subtle change that will make a big difference.

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Provide your guests with a bathrobe

If your friends are staying the night, you probably want to make sure they are as cozy as possible. To make them feel truly welcome, leave a soft, fluffy bathrobe on the bathroom counter. Having something like that will make them feel really welcome, and you can add a pair of slippers and a small chocolate bar on top of it to make it even better.

As you can see, these are all very quick solutions! You can easily transform your whole bathroom if you try a few of these, so unleash your creative side and start decorating.

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