How Interior Design is Bringing the Sexy Back

When we think of our homes, we seldom consider them to be sexy. They’re there to be comfortable, to be our little peaceful retreats from the world, and we rarely think they could ever be something more than that. However, interior design can actually be far sexier then you ever thought possible, and you can actually turn your house into an irresistible space that makes you and anyone who comes around feel more alluring. Bringing the sexy back to décor is particularly useful for those who want to inspire more love and romance, and if you’re interested in setting up that sultry mood, you can totally do it in a few simple steps. Here’s how.

Pick darker colors

How Interior Design is Bringing the Sexy Back | AGM Home Store


Yes, light blue is very relaxing, but it’s boring and predictable and it won’t really stimulate your mind. If you want to try something different, go for rich colors such as red or even black. If you don’t want to overwhelm the room stick to warmer dark reds and pair them with a neutral color such as white or grey. This will immediately give them room a more romantic feel, and it’s the perfect color choice for the living room. Your bedroom should still be painted in neutral, relaxing colors (you do have to sleep there, after all), but your living room can have that sexy vibrancy.

Or use a patterned wallpaper

How Interior Design is Bringing the Sexy Back | AGM Home Store

If you want even more visual interest, go for a patterned wallpaper. You don’t have to go for animal print to make it sexy, either—go for geometrical shapes or light gold details over a darker background. This will look absolutely stunning and memorable, and anyone who walks into the room will immediately know that a person of taste lives there. Once you have the eye-catching wallpaper, you can go easy on the ornaments around the room because it does all the work of decorating practically on its own.

Utilize rich fabrics

How Interior Design is Bringing the Sexy Back | AGM Home Store

Nothing screams sexy like good, high-quality leather furniture. Leather ottomans, chairs, and sofas will have that rich, delectable quality to them, especially if you pair them with dark wood and other neutral colors. It not only looks good, but feels good—just imagine running your hand over that smoothness.

Use special lighting

How Interior Design is Bringing the Sexy Back | AGM Home Store

What better way to set the mood than with good lighting? Having a lot of natural lighting break through the window will cast a soft glow on everything in the room, and if you put up some transparent, red curtains you’ll increase the sexiness of the effect. Also, consider installing dimmer switches in your bedroom, living room, and dining room. When you invite your date over for dinner, you’ll be able to douse down the lights and enjoy the mood.

Bring in the scents

How Interior Design is Bringing the Sexy Back | AGM Home Store


Scents have the power to evoke memories and emotions, and making sure your house smells good is an easy way to make it all more seductive. Go for vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood, almond, black pepper, or rose if you want really hot scents with an aphrodisiac-like effect. Simply pick up a few scented candles from the store, or better yet, grab an incense kit that you can light up whenever you’re expecting guests. As soon as they enter they’ll immediately inhale it and it will put them in a good mood.

Incorporate a canopy bed

How Interior Design is Bringing the Sexy Back | AGM Home Store

A big, luxurious bed is definitely enticing, and if you really want to go all in, then get a canopy bed with gauzy fabric draping over it. This will give you the sense of having a very private, intimate space, and the feeling will get even better if you use silky, soft sheets on it. Let the bed be the centerpiece of the whole bedroom and then decorate the rest to match it.

Minimalism for bachelors

How Interior Design is Bringing the Sexy Back | AGM Home Store

There’s something very nice and polished about minimalism because it almost serves to emphasize the people in the room rather than the room itself. Imagine how a beautiful woman might look in your neat living room that’s full of clean lines and easy design. To pull this off, stick to more monochromatic color schemes and find simple furniture without too many fussy details on it. 

Sexy décor implies impeccable taste. It’s easy to go overboard with the details if you aren’t careful, but if you pull it off using these tips, you’ll be showing off your refinement and natural allure.

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