How Airbnb Owners Use Interior Design to Attract Reservations

When it comes to renting out spaces through Airbnb, it’s all about making them look charming and neat. A good-looking room is going to be much easier to rent to customers, and if you add a little bit of luxury into the mix, you can increase the price. Good décor also means better reviews, and if you impress people, they’ll be much more likely to recommend you to their friends. Your customers will practically be doing your marketing all on their own. For the most part, Airbnb owners use professional interior designers to help them zhuzh up the property, and it’s generally a really good investment if you want to earn a lot in the future.

If you’re interested in how they use décor to attract more people, then just keep on reading.

Consider your audience

Who are you targeting with your accommodations? Small families who are looking for a nice vacation spot? Businessmen who’ll only be staying for one or two nights? Young singles who are eager to experience the city? If you plan to rent it out to families for the most part, then dark wallpaper and too many fragile ornaments might not be a great idea. Tailor the space towards what you think your customers might need, and you’ll get plenty of bookings and excellent reviews at the end of their stay. Imagine a mom who comes into a small cabin and realizes there’s a great baby-changing station right there—she’ll be delighted that you thought of the details such as that one.

You should also consider the location of the property itself. A big city apartment might not look great if decorated in vintage chic styles, and similarly, a house in the country might not be the right place for barren minimalism.

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Invest in quality

While you can get away with an IKEA shelf, certain things should be made of high-quality. Everything in the bathroom, for example, should give off an air of luxury and class. Invest in pieces made by famous designers, like this gorgeous vinyl turntable made by Gianluca Paludi. If the bathroom is large, then put in the 48-inch version and you’ll have a beautiful bath vanity that even has a Bluetooth speaker. Your guests will enjoy the high-tech vibe and they’ll appreciate the sleek loveliness of the design.

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Don’t forget functionality

When you talk to a designer, they’ll be able to explain that functionality is just as important as appearance, so allow them to choose pieces that are actually useful. While pretty items might impress your guests at first, they’re bound to grow frustrated if they end up being inconvenient.

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Cruise second-hand shops

A lot of interior decorators know that second-hand shops can be real gold mines. Let them take you to a few of their favorite second-hand shops, antiquaries, and other vintage stores and together you can pick out good furniture pieces for an affordable price. This is a particularly good idea if you’re on a budget and want to transform your property without spending a ton of cash.

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Avoid clutter

While it’s obvious that you need to keep everything clean, you also do need to keep it orderly. A clean room will still look dirty and messy if the space is cluttered with unnecessary things, and having too many objects in one room could make it look cramped. Clear out anything that doesn’t have a specific purpose, and allow your decorator to put up a few effective art pieces or ornaments instead of just cramming every spare painting you have onto the walls. Less is definitely more!

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Keep it neutral

Your female guests might appreciate the floral wallpaper and the pink sheets, but the gentlemen will probably be a little off-put. In the end, if your aim is to attract a wide audience, then keep the décor neutral by picking a soft, earthy color scheme for everything. That way you’ll make sure that the space is relaxing and universally pleasing to the eye, and no one will have any complaints.

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Make it Instagrammable

Having guests snap pics of your perfect bedroom is the best kind of advertisement there is because it’s very honest and unbiased. It’s free marketing, and most people like coming into a nice space and realizing it’s the perfect backdrop for a cute photo. To make it more photo-friendly, utilize interesting focal points such as standing lamps, ornamental shelves full of classic books, and unique paintings.


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If you can hire a good interior designer to help you out, then do it! A professional can transform even the smallest of spaces into a real oasis that will attract a lot of guests, and if you want to get more bookings, this will certainly make it more popular.


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