Home Design Ideas to Bring the Family Together

Home Design Ideas to Bring the Family Together

With cold weather knocking on our doorstep, family time is more important than ever. There’s a lot less opportunity to be outside and spend time on picnics and in parks, but that doesn’t mean that staying indoors will be boring. With the right kind of design, you can truly turn your house into a warm, loving home, and give all your favorite folks the opportunity to bond even more.

All you need are a few ideas to inspire you, some creativity, and a whole lot of love. Eager to get started and decorate your living space to make it look comfy and inviting? Then here are some design tips that will bring the whole family together!

Do a major declutter

While children might not care about mess, adults are certainly put off by it. A home that’s cluttered with a lot of things simply feels far too cramped for comfort, and before you even begin thinking about decorating and adding more elements into any room, you must first declutter it. It’s always a good idea to start with your closet—you probably have a ton of wardrobe that no one wears anymore, so pack it up and donate it. A lot of people get sentimentally attached to material things, but if you really think about it, all those clothes are just sitting around, gathering dust and taking up space. The same goes for books, toys, ornaments, old cleaning and cosmetic products, boxes, and a bunch of other knickknacks that you have lying around.

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Removing all the clutter will certainly make your living space look a lot more inviting, and bringing order and tidiness into your home can make you feel a lot less stressed. Besides, this will make more room for new decorations to be brought in, and then you can truly get creative.



Spread out photographs

If the aim is to make your house feel like a home, then family photographs are the first thing to turn to. Pictures of your children, your spouse, and your parents will make everything look much livelier, and you can easily print out your favorites and frame them. You can make this into a really tasteful decoration by dedicating one wall to photographs only—make sure that all of the frames match, and then remove any paintings or posters and hang up the photos. For a stylish, retro take on this, you can choose only black-and-white photography.

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Add some throw pillows and comforters

It’s kind of nice to look at a room and feel like you can easily just reach out, grab a pillow, and snuggle up anywhere. Little throw pillows give everything a cozy aura, and they’re quite handy to put under your feet or behind your back. It’s also an easy, quick solution to add some color to your room because you don’t have to move or rearrange your furniture.

Thick, woolen comforters are also a great idea, so make sure to add one to every bedroom. Now that the cold weather is coming, most of the family will appreciate having the chance to warm up underneath a nice blanket.

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You can also create a little reading nook—find a cozy sofa and move a small table and a lamp next to it, then place a folded comforter and a fluffy pillow on it. You can enjoy some reading time alone there, but you can also have your children sitting on your lap as you read them fairytales.



Designate a game room

What better way to gather everyone around than a game night? If you have a spare room, you can convert it into a game room, but you can also just pick a corner of your house where the family can gather together to play something. For example, a big dining room table can do just fine.

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Grab a few fun board games like Tales of the Arabian Nights, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Dixit, Scrabble, or Sequence and put them on a shelf. Pick one day of the week for a family night, and serve snacks and soft drinks as you all huddle together and bond over cool games. This can be a great experience, especially if you pick a co-operative game where you have to work together to reach your goal. You can make this into a lasting tradition that will bring everyone closer during those cold winter nights.

Pick durable furniture

Families, especially big families, tend to make the house very busy and full of endless bustling. Everyone is always walking around and doing something, so all the furniture gets a lot of use and can end up wearing out pretty quickly. To avoid this, invest in sturdy, high-quality pieces to complement your living room, especially if they’re made of good hardwood. Just because your living room is busy it doesn’t mean it needs to look messy, so feel free to pick sleek, leather couches and sofas that are easy to clean and look even better with some wear and tear.

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Add more storage space

Even bachelor pads need storage space, and when it comes to families it will certainly make life a lot easier. There will always be things to put away, so invest in big closets, cupboards, and tall shelves. An even better solution is to grab furniture with secret compartments—for example, a coffee table with a few drawers where you can put away all the remotes, newspapers, and magazines that keep cluttering up the living room.

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Baskets and colorful boxes are also a great idea because they can be used to put away the ever-growing collection of your children’s toys. Building bespoke cabinets in the hallways or using the space underneath your staircase are also good options for more storage space because they can easily be optimized to fit your home.

Child-proof things if you need to

Bringing the family together means making things safe for every member of the household, and this is particularly important when it comes to children. To make sure tiny kids can run around and play without injuring themselves, you should child-proof things and move away anything fragile you don’t want broken. You can buy corner covers, soft foam carpets, and even a playing fence if you’re worried they might wander off and tumble down the stairs. Other things such as safety latches to lock away cupboards and anti-scalding devices can really help make everything safer and more pleasant.

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Of course, you should also take the special needs of elderly parents or disabled family members into consideration. Small adjustments can make moving around a lot easier, so make changes to accommodate everyone and give them the chance to be fully independent in the house.

Benefits of wooden flooring

As we’ve pointed out before, having a family usually means there’ll be a lot of bustling around, and a lot of mess to clean up. If you’ve been itching to remodel your floors, go for solid hardwood and you’ll not only make your home more beautiful, but end up with a very practical solution. They look luxurious and they’re ridiculously easy to clean, durable, and give your room better acoustics. You can throw a rug over them to decorate and give your feet something soft to walk on, or leave them as they are. Hardwood simply looks timeless and elegant, and it’s a pretty great choice for those who seek both design and comfort in one.

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Add decorative elements to your bathroom

A pleasant bathroom simply makes the whole home feel much more comfortable, and the moment has come to spend some time decorating it and making it more appealing. If you have children, then put in a mini step-up stool to help them reach the mirror when they brush their teeth, and use fun towel hooks  and colorful curtains to liven the place up.

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If you don’t have small children, then you can have a design that’s a little more sleek and luxurious, so invest in fancy towel racks, toothbrush holders, and painted cabinets. You can also put up a few scented candles and wall art, and even bring in a simple plant to place next to the window and bring in some relaxing greenery.

Make the whole house smell good

Think about the home you lived in when you were a child. What do you remember about it? One of the things that tends to stick with us are not just the sights, but the scents. Mom’s homemade cookies, fresh flowers in a vase, dad’s leather jacket—all of these things become a part of us, and then when we get a whiff of something similar later on in life, we’re immediately reminded of our own home.

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So, to make your home even more pleasant, make it smell good. Keep it clean and air out all the rooms frequently, and then bring in some subtle incense or scented candles that can also serve as a decoration. It’s not recommended to use perfumes or heavy scents. A much better solution are simple things—for example, leaving a few sprigs of lavender in your sock drawers, getting more indoor plants, or even making your own little scent jars. This way there’ll be no harsh chemicals and your house will still smell divine.

Family-friendly home design is all about bringing love into everything you do. With a few gentle touches here and there, you’ll have a lovely living space that will make every member feel warm and welcome.



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