Designing a tiny bathroom? A few tips may help you…

Small space living is very popular these days, and because spaces are tiny, designers around the world have become very clever & creative; so, we can have all we need in an elegant, beautiful, and practical way.

These are some of our tiny bathrooms design recommendations that may help you create your own tiny sanctuary:

Tile-Up the Whole Wall

Small bath is the perfect place to try tiling the whole wall up to the ceiling. This is mostly done to draw your eyes up and create a sense of a much larger space than it is.

Tiled-up bathroom

Ditch the Tub

Small spaces are not friendly when it comes to bathtubs. My advice; I’d get rid of the tub altogether and make a beautiful glass shower, it’s up to you! Glass and mirrors usually helps to open the space up and makes it feel light and airy. Don’t forget to buy a shower bench. There are a lot of models, materials, and designs out there (We recommend Décor Walther). Just do it! You won’t regret it!

Small bathroom shower

Mirrors are a Must

Everybody knows that mirrors are a trick for opening up small spaces. You can try either mirroring the entire space or part of it. This is a good opportunity to try out your creativity, since mirrors come in an infinite variety of shapes, colors, and designs. We all know that mirrors are sexy, and your vanity must have a good one. Also, if you have the budget, add a high-end cosmetic mirror. They’re useful and gorgeous!  

Small bathroom mirrors

Add Plants

It is always a good idea to have green life around you. Adding plants to your designs is a nice touch. Don’t be afraid to be creative, and always remember to choose a plant that will thrive in whatever type of environment you have in your space.


Small bathroom plants

Don’t Forget the Storage

If you can’t build a storage space around your bathtub or shower, you should consider a bathroom organizer. They are beautiful and add a ton of elegance to your bathroom design. I know the budget might be a limitation sometimes, but quality & craftsmanship are important; after all, it’s your design and it has to be great!

Small bathroom storage

Change Shelving for a Ladder

The best designers in the world know that over-the-toilet shelves are not chic. But, what about a ladder? Well, a ladder is stylish, and they are nice to storage towels, magazines, and much more; again, it’s up to you. A narrow ladder would work well leaning against your wall, and you can easily remove the bottom few rungs so that it fits properly.

bathroom ladder

Use Baskets

Use baskets to warm up your space. Baskets are an amazing solution to store laundry, extra towels, paper, magazines or bathroom supplies. You need it!

Bathroom baskets

Use Rugs

If you want to add personality to your small bathroom, use a small rug instead of a bathmat. A rug would work best for a bathroom and it comes in many forms and designs. I love when I go to visit my friends and they have a beautiful set of bath accessories, rugs, of even small details such as a weird toothbrush. It’s not about how expensive things are, but the creativity that’s involved. It’s about personality! Don’t forget to choose a rug that feels nice under your bare feet!

Bath rugs

Choose a Vanity with Storage

If you like to storage a lot of things in one place (Sorry, I am a maniac & love to storage whatever I think I’ll need in the future lol), choosing a vanity with storage is often a clever way to stretch out the space in a small bathroom. This way you could hide away hair dryers, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, or anything else you’d like to keep out of view. 

Bella by AGM Home Store Bathroom Vanities

Experiment With Crazy Color

If you are the kind of person with a shiny and colorful personality, add fun pops of color to your space. You can use artwork, colorful accessories, patterned towels, and much more! Look at this collection for a minute and tell us what you think. We find them intriguing and fascinating!

Bathroom Towels and Robes

Try Dark Patterns

Let’s say color is not your thing. In this case, you can tray dark themes and get a more dramatic look. This black & white design reflects a moody vibe and brings out the spectacular symbolism of my city (New York). Patterns really pop against the black backdrop, and unique accessories really help the space stand out. Choose the best, it worth it!

Shower bench

The Finishing Touch

Stock up on those must-have finishing touches to enjoy the most creative & coziest bathroom. Square tissue box holder, tall round corner stainless steel trash cans, soap dish & dispensers, toothbrush holder, towels & rugs, and more. Create the perfect environment!

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