Bathroom Storage and Organization Ideas You’ll Love

Whichever fresh organization hack you choose to go with, the success of its implementation will depend on some basic principles of house organization. To keep your bathroom free of clutter and confusion, remember these four tenets of organization: declutter, assign, label, and personalize.

First, it is important to remove all the excess, unnecessary items, which will help free up space and keep the surfaces cleared of distractions. Give or throw away all the items you know you won’t use, and only then can you move to the next phase.

Once you have your bathroom necessities together, group them according to purpose, frequency of use, and any potential storage requirements. For example, you can keep hair care products in one spot, and skin care products in another. This also applies to all the beauty tools such as brushes, hair irons, or makeup brushes and tools.

If you are organizing a family household, you can prevent not only clutter, but also petty grievances by personalizing the products in the bathroom. You can achieve this through different arrangements, from personalized boxes, designated cabinet areas, or shelves and hooks with names on them.

You can go the tested-out way and label the different areas in the bathroom with stickers. That will save you the time and the trouble of finding things, as well as putting them back later on. If stickers are too much, you can also make it clear where the specific product is by keeping them in clear acrylic or glass containers. You can also try this with pictures that remind you of the group of items you need to organize. Even if you don’t enjoy organizing, it doesn’t have to be an entirely boring task.

Once you have covered the basic principles, check out these lovely bathroom storage and organization ideas:

Drawer dividers

Bathroom Organization Ideas | AGM Home Store


If you want a well-organized bathroom, drawer dividers could be the first, simple step in the right direction. They will prevent clutter in your drawers and help you keep track of your makeup, tools, brushes and more. In the long run, drawer dividers also reduce clutter, as it becomes easier to tell what products or tools you are not using anymore.

Ladder shelves

Organizing Your Bathroom With Ladder Shelves | AGM Home Store


One of the most popular storage hacks is repurposing a ladder into shelving. Leaning the right ladder against your wall is a great way to save space. You can also move them around until you find the perfect spot. Finally, organize this setup to the last detail with labeled boxes or wicker baskets.

Chances are, the space above your toilet isn’t used enough, so placing some shelves above it could be a great space-saving strategy.

Spice racks

Bathroom Storage and Organization Ideas You’ll Love	| AGM Home Store source

Find your makeup or skincare products a home in the form of a simple, inexpensive spice rack. The best place for the spice rack would be near the vanity mirror and remember: if it is easy to reach, it is also easy to put back.

Storage cart

Bathroom Organization Ideas | AGM Home Store


Can’t decide where to place your shelves? Not an issue if you get a cart. Use it to store your beauty products or anything you can think of. If it happens that you need it elsewhere in the house, just take it out of the bathroom.

Wine towel rack

 Organizing Your Bathroom With a Wine Rack | AGM Home Store


Need a more convenient way to store towels? Roll them up and keep them on a wine rack. It requires less space than traditional shelving and it looks stylish.

Wicker baskets

Add some warmth and texture to the room with finely woven wicker baskets. In fact, thanks to their versatility and adaptability, getting a couple of baskets is almost certainly going to help you in your organizing task.

How to Use Wicker Baskets to Organize Your Bathroom | AGM Home Store


Apart from keeping them on shelves, you can also turn them into shelves: add a twist to your design and mount them on the wall. You can also keep them on the floor or in a cabinet to store linen and towels.

One more thing you will inevitably need to have in your bathroom is laundry. Getting a laundry hamper will keep the laundry pile from overtaking the room, and what better hamper than a large wicker basket.

Mason jars

 How to Use Mason Jars to Organize Your Bathroom | AGM Home Store


Mason jars are a proof that a simple solution is often the best solution: get a dozen of these simple containers and keep finding new ways to use them. They are ideal for keeping everything from makeup brushes to Band-Aids and Q-tips. Make sure that they are wide at the top so you can easily take out what’s in them. Attach them to a wooden board and make your beauty routine more comfortable and efficient. 

Towel hooks

How to Use Towel Hooks To Organize Your Bathroom | AGM Home Store


Having just one damp towel out of place can already make your bathroom look messy. The quickest way to handle the situation is to install enough stylish towel hooks. Your towels will take up less space that way and dry better than when they are on towel racks.

It is also useful to apply the rule of personalization here, so that every member of the family has their own towel hook. You can further make this clear by getting hooks in different shapes, or in the shape of the household members’ initials.


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