Bathroom Design Trends Poised to Dominate in 2019

Bathroom trends are constantly evolving and mothering new exciting concepts and solutions. Many of them come and go fast, but there are some chosen trends that involve long-term appeal and encourage a wide application.  They act as giant wells of inspiration and stunning ideas for designers and homeowners across the globe.

Neat sanitary ware

First off, there is an increased demand for products that make the bathroom more organized and accessible. In the area of sanitary ware, for instance, minimal rims and basins that optimize space are gaining traction across the board.

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They are aligned with the sleek lines of modern bathrooms and they also create that relaxed, spa-like vibe so many people crave for. We are reminded once again that bathrooms at their finest are spaces that combine prime functionality with a soothing ambiance.



Back to black

Many designer champions have embraced black as a color that will reign supreme in bathroom design next year. We are certainly seeing many proofs of this predication coming alive. Black makes a bold statement, especially when contrasted with whites and grays.

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This killer combo is becoming one of the staples of contemporary bathroom design. In particular, matte black accents and surfaces compliment popular materials like natural stone, as well as solid-surface products.



Colorful accessories

Monochromatic color schemes are still going strong, but they do not reign uncontested anymore. Accessories always hold the power to make things more interesting and elevate the whole style. The beauty of it is that they are one of the most affordable tools at our disposal. So, think in terms of vivid towels, soap holders, towel racks, mats, shower curtains, vases, etc. Just bear in mind that accessories should liven up the look, not act as visual noise.

Bold statements

Every room in the house needs a focal point and bathrooms are no exception. It pleases me to observe how homeowners are making ever more daring decisions when it comes to bathroom design. It is not uncommon to see bold and large patterns adorning the walls and sparking a ton of attention.

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As a result, we are witnessing increased use of wall coverings and not just any. Some products completely dazzle with porcelain and quartz slabs, as well as gloss and matte textures.

High-tech showering

We all know that swell showering experience is a pinnacle of the time spent in the bathroom. In order to attain it, more and more people are using marvels of modern technology.  Shower setups are now coming with their fair share of tech bells and whistles that allow us to control aspects like temperature and flow.  It is even possible to do this via smartphone apps instead of manually. At the same time, note that energy-efficiency remains a top priority for many. The water conservation trend will continue to grow in importance as we move on.

Material mixing and matching
Natural stone and timber have been designers’ darlings for some time and that is not going to change any time soon. What is new is the way these paragons of organic charm are combined with modern design staples.

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 For example, a timber grain vanity is a feature that captures the imagination, but also something that offsets the cold look of tiles and contemporary lines. Striking a fine balance is tricky, so measure twice and cut once. Introduce new materials gradually, one-by-one.



Blending styles

Picking a certain design style can really help you flesh out your vision and translate it into reality. The only problem is that there are so many styles to choose from and that they vary wildly in terms of aesthetic solutions. Well, as of lately, we have seen that timeless design and modern classicism are a real match made in heaven. Vintage cabinets and clawfoot bathtubs now coexist in balance with frameless shower screens and sleek tapware. Such a setting oozes the utmost elegance, modernity, and luxury.

Reaching new design heights

We are bolder and more adventurous than ever before, pushing the design boundaries with each passing year. So, it is time to get inspired and take on remodeling projects. Stay on top of outstanding trends, but avoid doing it just to be trendy. Try to express your own taste and personality. If you know what you are doing, combine facets of different trends to put together a unique, eclectic environment. So marry the old and the new in perfect harmony.

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