7 Best Resources for Interior Décor

Being an interior designer is a wonderful, though stressful job. It’s not uncommon to be strapped for both time and cash when you’re just starting out your business, and sometimes the strain of real-life hardship can influence your creative process. To make it in this world, you must be well-organized and frugal, and one of the most essential aspects of your job is having good resources and knowing where to turn to turn your ideas into reality. It’s important to nurture a good mindset and reduce the amount of stress piled on your shoulders in order to truly dedicate yourself to your art instead of worrying all the time.

Are you eager to learn about some places where you can always find good inspiration and incredible furniture pieces that will complement every room you design? Then take a look at some of the best interior décor resources that will help you greatly in bringing your artistic vision to life.


If you need something unique, turn to Flair. While there are plenty of retro details and old-school pieces of furniture, their vision doesn’t really belong to any era, and it’s a blend of vivid, bright, and eye-catching items put together in unexpected, modern ways. With both American and European vintage furnishing and contemporary design, you’ll truly get something you’ve never seen before. There’s a lovely contrast of colorful details against black and white, smooth backgrounds, and any designer can appreciate the sheer unexpectedness of it all. Flair also likes to incorporate textures in their work, so you’ll see plenty of cushions, throw covers, carpets, and small rugs being paired with bold patterns to give a room a lot more visual interest. In a lot of ways, it’s a very brave design that’s anything but simple, yet it remains entirely beautiful. Designers who wish to experiment with big pieces and arrange memorable rooms will have plenty to find here.


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Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is quite a special place. With a history that stretches back to 1949, this is an established store with its origins in New York, and one of the best things about them is their commitment to sustainability. They have a commitment to sell sustainably-made, fair trade, and handcrafted items, and they support local craftsmen and use organic materials in the making of their furniture. As a designer, you know that a lot of customers are very interested in making their home eco-friendly, so having a place where you can get these kinds of items is very important. Here you’ll find rustic mixed with contemporary and artisanal vintage pieces in calm, soft colors. One of the key things to ask yourself when designing a room is this—how will it all look in ten or twenty years? Well, Pottery Barn ensures that furniture and fabrics you buy have both timeless quality and timeless design. Overall, you’ll find things that are easy to fit into any room and that are very practical.

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This is where you want to turn to if you want to see pure romance. Juliska is all about bohemian vintage frills and intricate glass. While you won’t see any furniture in their store, you’ll find plenty of gorgeous accessories that can give your room that lovely final touch and complete your vision. Everything they have is very graceful and delicate, so it’s perfect for any Victorian-era design, boho chic, or simple old-school luxury. You’ll definitely want to check out their chandeliers and lighting fixtures which have a simple design with just enough details to bring life to a room and make it feel fresh. If you’re designing something and find that your room is full of stark lines and looks too cold, this is where you can find that much-needed warmth and grace. Their transparent vases with small swirly patterns are also very interesting and versatile—they can work both in vintage and modern setting. All in all, a store full of loveliness and charm.

7 Best Resources for Interior Décor | AGM Home Store source

Apartment 48

For those who want color, they better consult the experts—Apartment 48 is modern and upbeat, and one of their lead designers is the famous Rayman Boozer. An expert in color theory and contemporary design, this is an excellent person to offer inspiration to a beginner designer. Apartment 48 likes to incorporate a lot of details in their vision, and you’ll often see wide open spaces and bookshelves stacked with books and small ornaments. There’s a lot to take in, and walking into their rooms is like walking into an exquisite gallery of refined taste—you simply can’t look away. Everything is very modern and full of vivid colors, which is aimed mostly at people who want to leave an impression and have a memorable home. Another interesting thing about their designs is how much they rely on greenery. You’ll see a lot of big potted plants in almost every corner, and plenty of fresh flowers in transparent vases. A lovely choice for a designer who needs some contemporary inspiration.

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Gibson Studio

This is pure, unadulterated luxury. Gary Gibson is an L.A. designer who’s a true, genius artist. Rather than following tradition, he carved his own path and brought his ideas into the game, practically transforming the world of design. He studied at UCLA so you see a lot of steady, intellectual design, but also a lot of innovation and artistic grace. He utilizes a lot of dark, natural colors and enjoys using wood and leather, so you always get the sense of rich refinement—the rooms always have that cozy vibe of old-school study rooms with modern details added to bring on a fresh vibe. Stone and wood staircases, long, polished hallways, comfortable window seats, big leather sofas, doused lamps that give off a romantic atmosphere—in a way, this design can appeal to anyone, especially those who love timeless elegance.

7 Best Resources for Interior Décor | AGM Home Store source

Spartan Shop

Majority of modern design is rooted in practical minimalism, and Spartan Shop is one of the best resources if you want to find beautiful, minimalist items. Details such as tablecloths, light fixtures, cutlery, platters, vases, and decorative bowls with marble details can fit any room, and if you don’t like fussy details, you’ll like their décor. They also sell towels, candles, and other small details that can be used to decorate a bathroom and give it a clean, fresh atmosphere that any client would appreciate. Ceramics, glass, and sometimes wood are used to make items, and they all have simple, geometrical shapes that work quite well with each other. A lot of these details can also be used to give a home an earthy, organic vibe. If you like simplicity, Spartan Shop will be your new favorite place.

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Raw, unfiltered Moroccan beauty—Larusi offers carpets and textiles that not only look good but feel good. All the weavings are made of the highest quality and have tribal designs on them, and if you need a perfect rug, you can find it here. You can also check out their linens, cushions, and throws that all look so incredibly cozy and feel lovely against the skin. One of the things that are definitely worth checking out are their Turkish hammam towels that can be a great addition to an eco-friendly bathroom with a lot of wooden surfaces. There’s something very unfiltered about Larusi, and their designs appeal to anyone who enjoys nature and organic details. For a designer, it’s a goldmine of ideas.

7 Best Resources for Interior Décor | AGM HOME STOREsource

A good artist knows that finding inspiration is one of the most crucial parts of the artistic process. Simply looking at items and works from other designers as you make doodles on your desk is often the first step towards a great idea, and these shops can offer you a lot of inspiration. Browse the work of these interesting resources and find your latest muse!


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